• Throughout the use of the website, we only request details that are in alignment with the KYC procedure and by participating in any sale stage we aim to be as transparent as possible and guard your privacy and data exclusively for the use of the private sale stage. The terms for privacy are as follows:

Your Data and Privacy with FITR

- All data that is registered on this platform will never be shared by any 3rd Party. - Names, emails, and any validation through the KYC procedure will be registered, encrypted and protected on our cloud encrypted sever

- All data and information shared with us will be protected and guarded, request of termination of data can always be requested at any time by emailing crypto@myfitape.com , where we will confirm all data from the site and server

  • - All communication via email will be for the sole purposes of the sales process, by submitting your email you accept to receive email updates about the sales stage, updates and information relating to the FITR project and updates from the platform MYFITAPE

Know Your Customer

- KYC is a legally binding process that the company must take to ensure a fair, legitimate and secure method of raising capital

- Any investments made in any fiat or cryptocurreny will be never disclosed, shared or sold to any 3rd party. Internally the data will be only accessed by the respinsible employees particpating in communication and all other stakeholders will be restricted with access

- Any submission of personal documentation, will only be used for the verification process for those that submit. All data is removed upon request from the website and server. 

FITR Privacy and Policies and terms of using the FITR platform are in conjuction with the MYFITAPE privacy policy.

  Click here for the full privacy policy.